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Theo Birthday to-go Kit!


Now offering to-go kits and parties at our studios!

Many children missed out on their birthday party at Theo Art School during the strict isolation times, and we are now ready to offer parties again -- in a variety of ways! For those who want to maintain social distancing, we now offer Theo Birthday to-go Kits that include all supplies needed for up to 12 participants! It's still an "ART-astic" birthday party for your child!

Choose from 3 Birthday Party options:

A)  Theo Birthday to-go Kits via Zoom Video Conference:

A canvas painting kit for up to 12 birthday party attendees! You decide where you'll host your party -- at home, at a park, or separately at each child's home.​ Choose your artwork and we prepare the Theo Birthday to-go Kits for pickup. We follow up with instructions for connecting by Zoom with our Theo Art School instructor. It's the latest craze ... connecting virtually!

B)  Theo Birthday to-go Kits with written instructions:

Same as "A" above except without the Zoom instruction; you get to lead instead of us! This gives you the flexibility of conducting the painting on your own schedule and gearing the instruction more individually. We include easy, step-by-step written instructions on how to paint the chosen artwork.

C)  Theo Birthday Party as usual at our studios

We are again hosting parties as usual at the studios while following distancing guidelines and taking extra sanitary precautions. You have more art projects to choose from for parties at the studios. Learn more about birthday parties at Theo studios.

Click Here to Contact Theo Art School and order your Theo Camp
to-go Kit!

To keep it simple, cost is the same for all options:

12 Theo Birthday to-go Kits:

$100/members, $110/nonmembers

Each Theo Birthday to-go Kit is the participant's to keep. It includes:

  • 16x20" canvas pre-sketched with the chosen painting to help get started

  • Paints

  • Paint Brushes

  • Copy of Picture to Paint

  • Written Instructions or Zoom connection

How to Order Your Theo Birthday to-go Kit:

Contact Theo Art School for themes and art choices available, and to arrange pick-up time for your Theo Birthday to-go Kits.

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