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Theo Art School Homeschool Private Art Lessons


Field Trips

One-hour field trips are also available for homeschool students and their families. Available any day that will work for your group between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.

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Theo's Homeschool Program has a new format!


We are no longer offering homeschool group art sessions, only private lessons. Each private art lesson will be created under a parent requesting a lesson for their child or children. The parent can invite other families to join them under their registration.


  1. Request private art lessons for your child/children, or

  2. Join another private art lesson with another family


In our homeschool art classes, we introduce students to different artists, cultures, and techniques while building their confidence and encouraging their growth. We strive for a warm and inviting environment where students feel comfortable to express themselves and get to know each other. Projects will carry over from week to week in order to enable students to create detailed, in-depth pieces. Classes are flexible to accommodate for siblings or ability level.


If you are interested in having private art lessons for your child/children, please contact the Director.

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