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About Theo Art School

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Who We Are

Theo Art School is a nonprofit art school offering educational artistic enrichment to our community of Bismarck, North Dakota, and surrounding cities. Theo Art School has been Bismarck-Mandan's premier art school since 1992, with more than 80,000 student registrations! We provide affordable and enriching art instruction for anyone from 10 months old to 100 years young. We teach painting, drawing, paper arts, 3D art and more, sharing our love of Impressionism, Realism, Pop Art, and other artistic styles. You bring your enthusiasm, we supply the materials and inspiration you need to create fun and fabulous art.

Theo Van Gogh (the subject painted in the straw hat in our banner at the top of each page) was the brother of famous Dutch Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. It was Theo who encouraged Vincent to pursue his dream of art and then supported him financially through his years as an artist. Theo was Vincent's life-long supporter and best friend.


We are open year-round. Our studios are located in the lower level of the Frances Leach High Prairie Arts and Science Complex at 1810 Schafer Street in Bismarck, North Dakota. With ample parking, a very safe environment, access to excellent instructors, and a load of inspiration to share, Theo Art School offers students a fabulous art experience. We offer scholarships for some of our programs, and we have a multitude of opportunities not just for learning but for sharing and gifting as well.

Whether you're interested in art classes for your children, your business associates, or yourself; whether you're looking for summer art camps or workshop; or whether you're just looking for a new hobby, Theo Art School is the place for you!

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Our Mission

Our mission at Theo Art School is Art for All – Sharing the Love of Art. Our goals toward meeting our mission are:

  • To provide art education for all ages and skills levels in the Bismarck metropolitan area and surrounding communities.

  • To provide transformative experiences through our classes, camps, events, and community outreach programs.

  • To enhance the art education available in the public and private school systems for children and adults with low-cost tuition, free full scholarships, with all art supplies included.

  • To offer a great art program for our children in a very dynamic, nurturing environment that encourages children to discover their unique creative and artistic talents.

  • To continue providing art opportunities by building constructive relationships within our community – with families, local businesses, schools, and other local nonprofits organizations by promoting our mission of "Art for All – Sharing the Love of Art."

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Liliana Norby, Executive Director

When Liliana moved to Bismarck with her family in 2002, she brought with her a passion for art and a pizzazz for management that have enabled her to work miracles with Theo Art School. She doesn't claim to be an artist but has the keen eye that sees talent, quality, and creativity. She has fallen in love with North Dakota not just as her husband's and family's home but also for its peaceful beauty, sweeping prairies, and bright, starlit nights.

Jamie Hilderman, Instructor

Jamie came to Theo in early 2016 as a diamond in the rough with great recommendations, great artistic talent, and a character of art explosion like no other! It does not take long to warm up to Jamie. With her solid work ethic and willingness to share her love for art, Jamie teaches age groups from 10 months to 100 years old. Her favorite art mediums are charcoal and pencil, but she can teach any medium. Her studies in the Visual Arts bring endless talent. Her mantra: "Don't ever, ever stop learning."


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See our sponsors on our home page. Theo Art School is grateful for the financial support of those organizations, as their sponsorship enables us to keep our programs affordable and purchase some of the many supplies needed for our classes. If the opportunity arises, please extend your thanks to them for supporting Theo Art School. We invite you to Be a Sponsor, too!

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Board of Directors

We are looking for people who believe in supporting the mission of Theo Art School to join our Board of Directors. Skills needed are leadership qualities, teamwork, and a love of art! Time commitment is about four meetings a year and approximately 8 to 10 hours a year outside of meetings. Gain experience and give back to your arts community! Contact us for more information.

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