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COVID-19 Guidelines

for Art Sessions and Classes at Theo Art School

Updated October 19, 2020

Theo Art School is Here for You

Since COVID-19 first made its presence in our community, we have been following all of the guidelines and rules issued by the North Dakota Health Department and the Governor’s office while still doing what we do best: ART! Since March 17, we have been actively communicating with families, schools, peers, and other art schools such as ours around the country. During these trying times, we at Theo are here for the students, the families, and everyone in our community. The sense of belonging at Theo goes beyond Art!

Modified Attendance Guidelines

With all of this in mind, we have come up with modified attendance guidelines when you come to Theo. We practice personal responsibility, common sense and caring for our customers, family, and friends. We encourage you to embrace the North Dakota SmART RestART (we added the "ART"!) for a safer and healthier tomorrow.

The most important precaution to us is this: If you are ill, including but not limited to a fever or any of the COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home. You can still attend the class/session virtually, and we will have the art kits ready for pick-up prior to the class/session. We are taking this precautionary action out of the deepest respect for you and the well-being of Theo Art School staff; we feel it's best for everyone. Additionally, know that after each class/session, the studios are deep-cleaned using the proper disinfectants.

Other Changes

HAND SANITIZER: We have hand sanitizers stations around the studios. You are welcome to bring your own.

FACE MASKS: We encourage all participants to wear a fabric/washable face mask. If you do not own one, we have disposable masks available for everyone, if needed. At Theo we are doing our part to protect each other. Join us!

VIRTUAL ZOOMING INTO ART CLASS/SESSIONS: Some of our attendees are creating the art of choice via zoom. They roll with the flow! Art is for all!

Thank You!

We have been very blessed with health, steady work, friends, family, and the support of our great community. Safety first. Thank you for Sharing your Love of ART! Stay positive! We welcome your positive feedback!

Staff at Theo

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