Summer Camps 2018

Ages 3-5 

9:00 - 11:30 am
$50.00 Members / $55.00 Nonmembers
Please note: Campers will need to be potty trained.


May 28 - June 1: "Jump into the Summer of Art!"
Yay for summer! Come for a week of fun projects to kick off the fun season!

June 4-8: "Superheroes & Friends!"
Join us for a week of incredible art all about superheroes and animation.

June 11-15: "The Jungle Book Art Adventure!" 
In this art camp, we'll be inspired by the fantastic children's book and fun jungle animals!

June 18-22: "Unicorns & Rainbows Art!"
Join us for an art adventure filled with Unicorns and Rainbows! 

June 25-29: "Fairies, Gnomes & Dragons!"

This camp is going to be completely magical. Fairies, Dragons, and more! Oh my! 

July 2-6: "Mermaids & Friends!"
Campers will have so much fun creating art inspired by our oceans. Tie-dye time! 

July 9-13: "Color, Shape & Lines! Coil & More!"

Time to bring out the clay! 

July 16-20: "Mix It Up!"
Art with a colorful combination of wacky and traditional materials to create a masterpiece. 

July 23-27: "ABC's of Art!"
A is for artist, B is for brush, C is for color, and that's just the beginning of our art adventure! 

July 30-Aug 3: "Gone to the Farm!"
A fun colorful day at the farm with cows, goats, and cats?

Aug 6-10: "My Pet - Your Pet!"
Funny pets in the style of Andy Warhol, blue dog, pink cats! Let's celebrate all Animals!

Aug 13-17: "Up, Up and Away!"
Let your imagination soar! Hot air balloons, build your own aircraft, flying creatures and more!

What's in your summer?

8th ANNUAL ART ATTACK SUMMER CAMPS! Theo Art School's Art Attack Camps provide quality art instruction that mixes techniques and skill-building with opportunities for creative freedom and self-expression in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Campers will create artwork in the style of that week's theme using a variety of media including collage, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, ceramics and special projects. 

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School Age 6 and Up 


ALL DAY: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm;
$180.00 Members / $185.00 Nonmembers

Campers need to bring their own lunch.

HALF-DAY AFTERNOON: 1:00 - 5:30 pm; $90.00 Members / $95.00 Nonmembers



  • Guest speakers!

  • Yoga!

  • Swimming at BSC Aquatic Center!

  • Field trips!

May 28-June 1: "Jump into the Summer of ART!" Fine Arts Adventure!" Join us for an amazing week as we explore and get familiar the visual arts. We will focus on aspects of design, color, application techniques and free expression of ART! 

June 4-8: "Landmarks on the Loose"
This week we will have a virtual tour of the most famous landmarks around the world! This camp is designed for everyone interested in the field of architecture, design and drawing for which existing monuments served as iconic examples of ART!

June 11-15: "pARTy in the USA" 
From the Roaring 20's to the Crazy 80's and then to the NOW! Where was ART? We bring Ink, Pencil, and Charcoal to the new generation!

June 18-22: "Fur, Feathers and Scales!"
Join us for an imaginary adventure into the wilderness creating artwork inspired by animals. We will create 2D and 3D works of art that explore a variety of species and habitats.

June 25-29: "Myths and Legends"
Explore myths and legends both modern and ancient. We will draw stories of the way things once were, create artifacts, and bring our own modern hero myths to life through painting, sculpture, drawing and more.

July 2-6: "Oceans, Seas and Creatures"
We will have so much fun creating art inspired by our oceans. We will draw and paint ocean animals, pottery, and sculpt with clay. Mermaids? Dolphins? and Whales? Oh My! Tie-dye time!

July 9-13: "Clay Creations with Tawnya"
Sculpt, squish and pinch clay into cool 3-D art. See how artists are using this classic material today and learn about traditional pottery tools such as the potter's wheel.

July 16-20: "Movie Madness"
An ART blockbuster experience that connects campers to the worlds of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney, and more. Make art full of drama, mystery and action, and even become a star when we make our own short film. (All films rated PG or G.) 

July 23-27: "Your Pet-My Pet"
Illustrate pets in the style of Andy Warhol, learn to draw your pet like Laurel Burch and paint a Blue Dog like George Rodrigue. In this camp we will celebrate pets and the artists who portray them!

July 30-Aug 3: "Galaxy Art" 
May the force be with you!
Inspired by Star Wars, the Galaxy and all things space! Paint a glow-in-the-dark galaxy canvas, and learn how to draw the funniest space characters. We'll tie-dye and make space goo! 

Aug 6-10: "Starry Night Art"
Inspired by the many artworks of Van Gogh we will paint our own Starry Night canvas! Create hand-build sunflower sculptures, paint a star bowl, and more!

Aug 13-17: "Planet Paint"
Discover a world of paint and create art inspired by many different artists. Using a variety of paints and techniques, we'll do everything from working on landscapes outdoors to making abstract paintings.

Aug 20-22: "Good bye Summer! OPEN STUDIOS"


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