Theo School-Age Campers:

Ages: Entering Grades 1-7

Time: 8:00 am-5:30 pm for full day
or 1:15-5:30 pm half day

Cost: Full Day - $165 members, $170 nonmembers; or Half Day - $85 members, $90 nonmembers


S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) + ART= Our "S.T.E.A.M." art connection! Curiosity, creativity and innovation come alive at Theo Art School "Art Attack" Camps. Immersed in age-appropriate STEAM-rich experiences, campers (ages 6-15) envision, design, build, experiment, program, film, paint, compose and perform. All while working with all art media! Campers will be introduced to different fields of science like chemistry, biology, and physics with experiments & art. Create with a variety of mixtures that go boom, fizz, pop and splat! See "Weekly Art Camp Schedule" below.

How to Register

Payment is due at time of registration. All registrations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Theo Art School
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S.T.E.A.M. Into Summer!

6th Annual "Art Attacks" School-Age Summer Camps

Weekly Art Camp Schedule:

JUNE 6-10:  Jaws & Claws
From bears to badgers and wolves to whales, discover the predators and prey that make up the ecosystem's food chain. Investigate animals at the cellular level with interactive models. Learn how to draw and paint your favorite creatures while letting your inner animal go wild!

JUNE 13-17:  It's a Process: Photography 
Explore a blend of classic darkroom and digital approaches to photography! Assist in the building of a pinhole camera, develop film and learn the basic parts of a camera. Learn the science in taking a good picture! Digital and analogue technologies merge in this camp to create original artwork. Learn about flipbooks, animation and uncover the unlimited possibilities through photography!


JUNE 20-24:  TranspARTation
Be introduced to the engineering design process! Problem solve, brainstorm, and find creative solutions to make your own transportation devices. If it rolls, flies, or floats we will investigate what makes it work and make our own device!


JUNE 27-JULY 1:  Looking Up 
Blast off in this exciting camp to gain knowledge about our solar system and beyond! Explore fascinating moons and find out how astronauts live on the International Space Station. Learn about the Earth's atmosphere, weather and space while conducting experiments and creating!


JULY 4-8:  Junkyard Warrior 
Explore North Dakota's natural resources while building windmills & investigating solar panels. Look at the innovations of today and apply them to create the designs of tomorrow as we explore ways to harness clean energy. Design tree houses that integrate simple machines that are good for our environment. Be a junkyard warrior while exploring the concept of recycling and develop original artworks!


JULY 11-15:  Anatomy Academy 
How strong are bones? What causes hiccups? Discover the answers to these questions and many more while exploring the human body inside and out. Use microscopes, models and more to discover what makes your body tick! Campers will use DNA proteins to create a bracelet & use their senses in this funny, wild and wacky camp! Create squishy, slimy flubber, invent noisemakers that squeak and sniff your way around this zany camp to energize your five senses.


JULY 18-22:  Theo Town 2.0
What makes a society successful? Is it conditions, cultural or social framework that puts a society on the right path? Find the answers yourself while creating your own Theo Town! Design business, create the laws and work in a group to make Theo Town a successful community.


JULY 25-29:  Build-Up
Students will be introduced to the notions of force, compression, and tension prior to building truss bridges for a strength competition. Design, construct and test your engineering masterpieces. See who can design the tallest tower or build the longest bridge. Construct buildings and then demolish them with your very own wrecking ball!


AUGUST 1-5:  Primed to Paint! 
Learn about applying math to life! Explore geometry and angles as you bounce light, draw tessellations and make beautiful origami. Use mathematics in codes, create symmetrical masterpieces, make grid paintings, bar graph landscapes and real tetrahedral kites!


AUGUST 8-12:  Bugs & Botany 
Come learn how plants control water and design large-scale models of cells to understand the amazing inner workings of plants! Did you know that all the insects in the world weigh more than all other animals combined? Put on your exoskeleton, grab your net and enter into a bug's life!


AUGUST 15-19:  Einstein's Workshop
Move over, Einstein, the next brilliant discovery may come from one of Theo's inventor! Campers will use motors, gears, lights, fans and components found in broken machines to make their own innovations! Express ideas through writing and sketching out ideas while making, tinkering, building, and constructing.


AUGUST 22-24:  Land & Sea
Do you ever wonder about the world beneath your feet? Explore how glaciers, earthquakes, volcanoes and fire shape our mountains and valleys with experiments and art. Dive into the depths to investigate what is below the surface. Campers will be surrounded with all of the tools to explore, imagine, and create!

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