Saturday Art Workshops

Kids love the two hours of creativity on Saturdays!

Since we introduced the Saturday Workshops in 2012, it seems they're getting better and better! Every other Saturday afternoon your child can come to Theo and create great art for 2 hours. The kids love it! Like always, all art supplies are included and the prices are....great! All our workshops include ART a la MODE, where all mediums are utilized. Kids continue learning how to use oil pastels, watercolors, and brush types for their artwork. Workshops listed below.


5 and up


$20 per member, $25 per nonmember


1:30 - 3:30 pm on dates below

Nov. 19: Celebrate Sculpture!

Join us and create sculptures in the style of Pablo Picasso and Claus Oldenburg . Wire, gesso, and acrylic paint will be just a few of the mediums the artist will explore. From abstract faces to giant hamburgers - let your imagination run wild!

Nov. 26: Who Am I?

Here's to a little self-reflection! Our artists will be inspired to create self -portraits in the style of Vincent Van Gogh and Amedeo Modilgiana. Expect to get messy, as chalk pastels will be the medium of choice.

How to Register

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$20 per member, $25 per nonmember

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Dec. 10: Let's Get Real!

Artists will learn about the Realism movement in art . This class is all about painting everyday subjects , and people as they appear. Learn about the great artists Eduoard Manet and Winslow Homer. This is as real as it gets!

Dec. 17: If It Ain't Baroque, Don't Fix It!

We will be learning about the " Golden Period" in art.This style was about getting an emotional response from viewer. We will be painting like the greats - Rembrant and Michelangelo ... with maybe even a bit of Raphael thrown in for good measure!

Upcoming Workshops for 2017

We will still be offering our Saturday Workshops in 2017, from January 7 through May 27! From Monet and his lovely impressionist art to Hockney and his fabulous pop art!

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