Art Programs:
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Odyssey Art Camps V
& Artscope Open Studios!
School Year 2022-2023

When School is Out, Theo is In!

Theo's Odyssey Art Camps and our new Artscope Open Studios are on weekdays when there is no public school due to holidays, teacher convention, or staff development. Students will have fun exploring art and learning to think outside the box, as well as continue to learn art techniques and tools. See confirmed camps in the calendar below. 

After the Summer came to an end and we were preparing our programming for the Fall, we received a few requests for more availability for dates that are not included in the BPS/Mandan calendar. We went back to the drawing board and came up with the idea of Artscope Open Studios. 


Our Odyssey Art Camps do cover most of the dates that the Private Schools Calendar has off dates, there is a few dates when only private schools have those days off that’s when Artscope Open Studios are available. Some of you have already registered your child[ren] for Odyssey Art Camps.


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Daily Time:  8:00 am - 5:30 pm

Ages:  5 and up

Cost per Day:  $25 members, $30 nonmembers

2022-23 Camp Schedule:

#1 Mon, Sep 5 - ODYSSEY Registration

#2 Mon, Sep 26ODYSSEY Registration

#3 Wed, Oct 19(Private Schools Off) ARTSCOPE Registration

#4 Thur, Oct 20ODYSSEY Registration

#5 Fri, Oct 21ODYSSEY Registration

#6 Thur, Nov 10 ODYSSEY Registration

#7 Fri, Nov 11ODYSSEY Registration

#8 Wed, Nov 23 (Private Schools Off) ARTSCOPE Registration  

#9 Sat, Nov 26(Members-Only Free Camp) ODYSSEY Registration

#10 Thur, Dec 21(Private Schools Off) ARTSCOPE Registration

#11 Fri, Dec 22(Private Schools Off) ARTSCOPE Registration 

#12 Mon, Dec 26ODYSSEY Registration

#13 Tues, Dec 27ODYSSEY Registration 

#14 Wed, Dec 28ODYSSEY Registration  

#15 Thur, Dec 29ODYSSEY Registration  

#16 Fri, Dec 30ODYSSEY Registration  

#17 Mon, Jan 2ODYSSEY Registration  

#18 Tue, Jan 3(Mandan Off) ODYSSEY Registration

#19 Tue, Jan 3(Private Schools Off) ARTSCOPE Registration

#20 Mon, Jan 16ODYSSEY Registration

#21 Tue, Jan 17ODYSSEY Registration  

#22 Mon, Feb 20 ODYSSEY Registration

#23 Tue, Feb 21ODYSSEY Registration  

#24 Wed, Mar 10(Private Schools Off) ARTSCOPE Registration

#25 Thur, Mar 16ODYSSEY Registration  

#26 Fri, Mar 17ODYSSEY Registration  

#27 Thur, Apr 6(Private Schools Off) ARTSCOPE Registration

#28 Fri, Apr 7ODYSSEY Registration  

#29 Mon, Apr 10ODYSSEY Registration  

#30 Fri, Apr 28 - (Mandan Off) ODYSSEY Registration

#31 Mon, May 22(Private Schools Off) ARTSCOPE Registration

#32 Tue, May 23(Private Schools Off) ARTSCOPE Registration

#33 Wed, May 24(Private Schools Off) ARTSCOPE Registration

#34 Thur, May 25 - (Private Schools Off) ARTSCOPE Registration

#35 Fri, May 26(Private Schools Off) ARTSCOPE Registration

#36 Mon, May 29ODYSSEY Registration

#37 Tue, May 30ODYSSEY Registration

#38 Wed, May 31ODYSSEY Registration  

#39 Thur, Jun 1ODYSSEY Registration  

#40 Fri, Jun 2ODYSSEY Registration